5 Weeks and Counting Until the June 30th Fitness Competition

Since we went away this weekend, I met with Jodi on Friday for a 30-minute leg training session and then 30 minutes of posing and tweaking the diet/workout.

I’m now at 13.1% bodyfat (woohoo!!!) and the scale showed 134.8 lbs. Mind you, my scale this morning showed 131 and Jodi mentioned the workout could have forced me to retain some water. Regardless, I was more than happy with the results.

Lots of diet changes this week…

– No more banana (wah!!!)
– 1/2 cup oatmeal
– 4 egg whites

AM snack
– 20 almonds

– 5 oz. tilapia
– 1 cup string beans (no more broccoli or zucchini — eeek!!!)

PM snack
3 oz. chicken
4 oz. sweet potato

6 oz. tilapia
1 cup green beans

Evening snack
– 1 scoop protein powder

That’s what I call a low-carb week! It will be interesting to see the changes from this new diet plan.

– Cardio is now 70 min.
– Sprints and bleachers (or treadmill sprints & stairmaster) — 2x per week

Since my birthday is this Friday, my family decided to celebrate it with me this weekend. Here was my pre-birthday cheat meal, courtesy of my favorite little brother and future sister-in-law:

  • Hot artichoke & spinach dip with pita chips
  • Prime rib cooked on a rotisserie grill hand-rubbed with fresh herbs and spices — (YUM!)
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Sweet potato tater tots (you’d think I’d be sick of sweet potatoes by now…LOL!)
  • Carvel ice cream cake for dessert
  • Key lime dip with graham cracker pretzels
  • Iced tea with mango vodka
  • Pinot Noir wine

I’m drooling just thinking about that meal. It was as good as it sounds…maybe better.

I worked out on Saturday before we headed to the shore. I took Sunday off, ran 70 minutes with sprints in the morning Monday and then did triceps when I got home. Needless to say, I’m ready to get back to my routine.

Next week will be even tougher since I have a business trip thrown into the mix. UGH!!!

I’m training and posing with Jodi on Sat. morning. Stay tuned for the next update. Heading into four weeks left and my last cheat meal. *Sniff*


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