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5 Ways to Become an Early-Morning Exerciser

I’m strange; I love getting up early. Not just early…4:30 a.m. early. I’m a 100% early-morning exercise. It’s quiet, it’s dark and it’s my time. I wasn’t always like this. I used to struggle with getting out of that warm, cozy bed first thing in the morning. That said, there are ways you can convert …


Cardio is Hardio…Unless You Have a Goal

Cardio Motivation is Here! You’ve heard of #squadgoals, well I have #quadgoals. Cardio is hardio so I need some motivation! When you need to complete a certain amount of cardio each week, it can a drag. Currently, I need to complete 30 minutes of steady state, 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training) and …


Need to Get My Running Mojo Back

Do you ever feel directionless without a goal? That’s the point I’m at now. I had such a great time preparing for the NYC Marathon. I enjoyed taking some time off. But I forgot how de-motivating it is not having an upcoming race to train for. *Sigh* What’s a Fit Momma to do? It’s time …


Get Inspired & Motivated

I’m sitting here watching The Biggest Loser thinking about ways to get inspired. It’s amazing watching people dig so deep down and commit to eating right and exercising. So I thought I’d find some great inspirational blog posts to get you through the week. Whether you’re looking for motivation to eat right, work out regularly …


Great Day for a 5K

Hopefully you got a chance to spend some time outside today. It was a gorgeous fall day and makes you appreciate this time of year. I ran the Family Reach 5K in Mahwah. While I didn’t have any PRs (personal records), the run felt great. Now that the 5K is over, I kind of feel …

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