Fitness Competition Update: 8 Weeks Out

Sorry for the delay! We had some internet connectivity issues this past weekend. UGH!

It’s hard to believe I’m nearing the home stretch. I started at 14 weeks out and here we are at 8 — yikes!!

I had a great session with Jodi yesterday. She evaluated me in my heels and a bikini. I was a bit nervous, but she was all business. My upper body is coming along and my lower will be the last to follow. We practiced posing, which was incredibly helpful. It would be a waste if I was practicing incorrectly!

I lost 2 pounds and dropped under the 20% bodyfat threshold — YES!!!! I’m 19.2%, not close to 12%, but well on my way. I feel like that was a huge milestone. I haven’t gotten my bodyfat to that level since I was in my 20’s.

Here are this week’s changes to make sure the bodyfat keeps dropping:

  • The apple at lunch is now half an apple
  • Cardio is now 55 minutes, 6 times a week
  • I’m allowed to run — WOOHOO!!! Jogging with sprints
  • Walking lunges and deadlifts (heels on plates), 40 lbs., 4 sets of 15 — every single day (if that doesn’t life my butt, nothing will!)
Everything else stays the same. I’m excited to see the changes each time Jodi makes them. It definitely keeps me motivated.
Next week I’m going to go check out a Figure show so I have an idea of what to expect. I’m soooo excited to see what happens at the pre-judging and final show.
Here’s this week’s cheat meal (I felt sick after eating this):
  • T-bone steak on the grill
  • Sweet potato tater tots
  • tortilla chips with homemade guacamole (didn’t turn out that great; the avocados weren’t ripe enough)
  • Lots of sangria…okay, a small wine bottle of sangria to celebrate Cinco de Mayo
  • Oreo mint shake

Stay tuned for next week’s update….


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