Happy New Year

Talk about fast forward to 2015! Happy New Year! I just looked at my last post and realized it was in Nov. Yikes! I am royally slacking in the blog department. Needless to say, writing at least one a week is one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’m still focused on a May 16 show. …


Countdown Part 2: 5 Weeks to Go

Not sure how 8 weeks got away from me! Clearly I’ve been horrible about providing regular updates. Unfortunately, I haven’t been seeing frequent week-to-week changes like I used to during my last few contest preps. With my new diet plan, I’m focused on carb cycling, which is a slower, healthier and much less grueling process. …


Nine Weeks to Go!

I feel like time is flying by!! How did I go from 12 weeks to 9?? I feel like time is running out quickly and I need to get my butt in gear…literally! I’m struggling with not having my body fat measured and relying solely on the scale and my measurements. I’m down to 137 …


Back to Square One

Not sure where I fell off the wagon exactly. Could it be the job I loathe, the one-hour-each-way commute, the holidays, or some combination of all of the above? I was doing so well and staying focused. Then suddenly, I threw caution to the wind and began stress- and binge-eating. Some baklava here, some dark …


Holiday Gift Ideas for Fit Moms

Wondering what to ask for this holiday season? Many times our husbands and other loved ones need some (or a lot) of guidance when it comes to shopping. Don’t forget to include some items to add to your workout, whether it’s attire, equipment, inspiration or a cutting-edge gadget. In the spirit of the 12 Days …

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