Summer is All About Trying to Stay Focused…and Having FUN!

I’m soooo sorry it’s been way too long since I’ve posted an update. It always amazes me how life just seems to go in so many different directions. It’s all good, though. Since my April show, I’ve been super busy (haven’t we all) between the kids finishing up their school year, me celebrating my 40th birthday *gasp*, traveling, and most importantly, trying to maintain my leanness and keep working out like crazy.

I’ve been meeting regularly with Jodi, and at our last meeting I was at 17%. Mind you, that was after a week in Napa Valley (my hubby’s 40th present to me). I tried to enjoy myself, while also being cognizant of what I was taking in and burning off. Needless to say, I was over the moon over gaining just 1% bodyfat. Whew!

But now I’m taking an entire month off from working out and clean eating is my only solace. Those close to me know why I made this decision. I’ll restart my gym workouts very soon. But it feels good to come back from vacation and dive right into structured, clean eating. I’ll be challenged again in a week when we head to Cape May for a family vacation with the kids (we didn’t take them to Napa….yes, it was a true vacation. LOL!) I plan on preparing ahead and making as many of my own meals as I can. Luckily we’re renting a cottage, so I have access to a kitchen.

I think it’s so incredibly important to find a balance between staying in shape and enjoying life. For me, I love having the confidence to look good in a bikini, which makes summer less stressful. That alone motivates me to eat clean. Plus, the summer offers an abundance of veggies to try out different recipes. Between my husband’s garden and the farm share we belong to, I’ve had the chance to try vegetables I’ve never even heard of, let alone eaten. For example, kohlrabi came in our farm delivery. It’s a cross between a turnip and cabbage. It has the consistency of a turnip and tastes like cabbage. My husband found a great cucumber/kohlrabi recipe that was so refreshing and perfect for summer. (I’m trying to hunt it down and will share it as soon as I find it.)

Now I want to know how the summer affects your workout and diets. Do you go completely off and just enjoy all the summer has to offer, or are you more focused than ever on making sure your bikini looks fabulous?

Until next time, eat clean and train dirty!


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